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Remember Yourself, You Are Worthy


#keepyouraim became the curriculum I teach with my Beginning Yoga Students at North Idaho College 11 years ago. I wanted to give them something more than movement to carry them along their semester, a concrete understanding that they are worthy of greatness— that no matter what they’ve been manufactured to believe, they have worthwhile thoughts, feelings and understanding of themselves. I wanted them to understand that no one person defines them, that they and they alone are responsible adults without having to have a posse of people who they are trying to impress and keep happy.

I had been studying with and a student of the teachings of Lee Lozowick, and found that my life changed with the inclusion of Aim as a life skill. Aim became something I could understand that produced results by asking myself everyday —does my behavior match what I want my Aim to be— and then I found the book Waking to Ordinary Life by Lalitha Thomas.


In my curriculum I included the book Waking to Ordinary Life by Lalitha Thomas, which was pivotal in the creation of my curriculum— without this book, I could not have dove deep enough and felt safe enough to broach the subject of #keepyouraim with my students because I had to dive deep into myself in order to find my authentic voice. Lalitha studied extensively with my Guru Lee Lozowick and my Grandfather Guru Yogi Ramsuratkumar.


#keepyouraim is about where you want your life to grow into— not a goal, not a resolution, not a wish— it is a concrete understanding of Attention and how your Attention can direct your actions into reality every day with everything you do.

#KeepYourAim Stands on a Four Legged Stool

Remember Yourself

The you that was you before there was manufacturing of you.

Release Your Shields of Sabotage

Remove your barriers to action.

Be That Which Nothing Takes Root In

Be permeable, no feeling is ever final.

Who Am I Kidding?

A question that invokes enquiry and deep understanding.

#keepyouraim has grown from curriculum for my college yoga classes to a concrete training tool for the corporate world- a basis by which companies can invoke more productive employees who are all steering the ship the same direction— a powerful tool that is relatable to anyone — which they can understand and incorporate into their daily life. I have taught #keepyouraim to corporations internationally and had the same amazing results as with students. There is magic in the understanding that your Attention can be on your Aim and it’s not selfish and it’s not mainstream— becasue our world is full of sleep walkers and when you #keepyouraim you WAKE UP— and Awake People Need to Remain Awake!

Every insight into mechanical behavior is a call to practice. We righteously proclaim the tenets of justice and truth, and yet, upon the revelation of our own psychological and personal illusions, lies and failures, we do not act. This is the first mountain we must climb in the ascent to the summit of our human potential and conscious awareness. Leave this peak unscales, and no matter how much “sound an fury” we stir up, we will not, cannot, move beyond the inherent limitations of living identified with dreams we assume to the waking state.

—Lee Lozowick

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