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Why Choose a Private?

In a private session, I give you my full attention and can customize all of my language to your specific circumstances. Not only that, I customize to your body and movement history.

As a private student, I will spend time getting to know your body so you feel safe and seen— therefore your Central Nervous System begins to trust you with greater movements which begins to create strength, mobility, and stability.

It’s not just that you’ll get a customized movement experience in a private session with me, you also get the chance to learn and explore where you may have areas of compensation and unconsciousness, check your understanding, and find new ways to apply it. 

Private sessions are perfect for rehabilitative therapy, and my education through Anusara and Functional Range Conditioning complement your ability to create movement through understanding your body's movement patterns.

How Much Does A Private Cost?

Let's explore Anusara Yoga together and deepen your practice. Be the center of attention with a private yoga session. Treat yourself or treat someone else! A private session makes for a great gift for someone who needs some extra attention and guidence.

1 Hour - $75

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