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Keep Your Aim

Anusara Yoga - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Alignment Based ~ Heart-Centered ~ Full Spectrum

A modern methodology to teach yoga, Anusara brings spirit and grace into practice around the world. We celebrate life’s diversity, the qualities of our heart, and seek a connection to something greater than ourselves.

Yoga Teacher

What does Anusara mean?


The word “Anusara” means to flow with Grace and celebrate the Divine in all things. The Sanksrit word “sara” provides a powerful understanding of the true nature of our being. Sara means both

  • essence and

  • flow.

Essence does not change. Meanwhile, flow is constant change. Anusara celebrates the complementary opposites as part of the Divine dance that is us, moves through us, and is all around us.


In order to Keep My Aim, I needed to break out of my self-made jail.  I need to release myself of my manufacturing and be open to pure potential-- In teaching and honoring my students I hope to help you gain insight in the remembrance of you-- you that was you before there was the manufacturing of you-- to help you remember your Organic Innocence.



"The great thing about Jen and her yoga classes is that her classes aren't just yoga poses. She is truly invested in the well-being of every student. Actually one of my  favorite things from taking her classes was the #KeepYourAim aspect of them for great life lessons, not just asanas."


—Josh Blakley, Owner at Ape Movement

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