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The road to Certification in the Anusara Method is not paved, smooth or recognizable — it is dusty, dirty, and has many potholes visible and invisible— and yet it is one of my greatest accomplishments to date.

About 2 years ago I had my Jyotish chart read— it was fascinating— and so incredibly awakening to my system.  You give your birthdate and time of birth and the exact place of your birth, in this case to a woman, who then works her charts and comes up with “who you are” or I’m my case “who I could be”.

Upon talking with her, she immediately said, “so you’re a heart surgeon?” I laughed and thought this is going to be not as good as I had hoped.  I said, no I’m not a heart surgeon, she stopped dead in her sentence and was flabbergasted — it was evident that she was stunned— She Continues and addressed things like my incompetent father figure, and my narcissistic mother— and she again stops dead in her sentence and says— Oh My God, you did not have a champion who was strong enough to help you—- I was now stunned, I had strong people in my life, my grandparents Championed me— in a very powerful way— I was irritated at this point and realized this might not work for me— and was trying to graciously hang up—

When She said, “ you were born under the star Radha— it’s incredibly powerful and here who is also born under this star— Oliver North, Oprah, many Generals, Bill Gates,etc— you were born for greatness—you just didn’t know it—

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not some victim I was/am incredibly successful I was the youngest Director of Sales in the State of Washington, I buoyed 40 hotels in nine states with many employees before the age of 30–I can “right a sinking ship” in the business world— I got THROUGH CERTIFICATION in the Anusara method— I am a teacher, I’m a mother who mothered myself and my daughter at the same time— understand that is a feat of greatness— and yet what would have happened if I had been Championed? It’s something that has stuck with me since that day of conversation— not because I felt lack— but because what I realized was I Championed myself— and many of my teachings or moments that I have been taught resonate the most with me and what I hope to share with my students is that YOU ARE YOUR CHAMPION— no one can complete you— you have to first complete yourself— then find someone you like enough who  is strong enough so that you can Champion each other.

I would never have realized this at 20 or 30 because I was too busy trying to break free of my manufacturing and WAKE UP TO MY AIM— so no I’m not a heart surgeon but my love for the working mechanism that is the human body is deeply rooted in me and because of it my teaching reflect a sense of groundedness.

As school starts at NIC in about 15 days I’m gathering my teaching notes, making myself vulnerable enough to learn what my students have to offer, and definitely not feeling like I’ve learned it all— Certification doesn’t mean I know it all— it just means that as a teacher— a grass roots on the mat teacher— I hope to offer you what you’re longing for— kindness, compassion and generosity.


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