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I’ve been contemplating the feeling of expectation.  Expectation is defined as a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.  I’m reminded of the conversation between Krishna and Arjuna— Arjuna asks Krishna, “Please tell me what to expect— what will happen I need to know” and Krishna responds with, “Arjuna focus on your Work— only your Work matters, the fruit of your actions cannot be the focus, only the Work.”

I’ve lived a long time with great expectations for myself, for my daughter, for my relationships— I do this and I expect that— however life is a not that way— life in it’s infinite wisdom is a constant reminder to stay in the Work.  Many of my disappointments are due to expectations that I conjured in my head in regards to a situation that may or may not occur.

As a teacher, I have to release expectations— I can plan a class, but I’m not really sure who will show up— what the mood of the day will be on the day of the class— will it be a humid summer day, or a breezy summer day— I have to plan my class, stay in the Work, not worry about what could or should or might happen, just have clear focus.

I’m an Aim orientated person, I live my life daily with an over all Aim and a daily Aim— I check in constantly on my focus— and what I’ve learned is checking on my focus is Work, checking on my progress is expectation.  The Buddha says, “Life is suffering.”  I think what he is referring to, or at least my interpretation is the expectation that life is easy is suffering— Life is not easy, we need to stop trying to make it easy— living is a privilege — stay in the Work.


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