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The Critics Voice

I’m working on Certification of Anusara Yoga— it is making me a crazy neurotic do not know anything what the hell am I doing— person.  I liken this to the story of the acorn that has to explode in order to become an oak tree.  My critic mind says— great story, the acorn had to EXPLODE— and to tell you the truth I’m imploding, exploding and complete destruction.  I taught a yoga class today- like I have for 9 years- to new people and some people who have been my students the whole time.  

To say that teaching with the mindset of perfection is a total MIND FUCK! I know how to teach, I’m actually pretty good, people leave uplifted and feeling great and I know how to teach— but in order to grow I need to explode the teacher I was and become a better teacher is to rip my usual teaching apart.  This on some level feeds my inner voice of “not good enough”— this makes me want to quit but I know the only way out is through and down the rabbit hole. And so I go down, like Alice and I will face the Voices and shut them up because I know that my teaching and this process of growth is a powerful lesson.

When no obstacles are present, no resistance remains


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