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We are here and now- living life “as it is.”

My teacher writes, AS IT IS, I read AS IT IS, and everyday I am amazed that I am accepted my right now, my AS IT IS, my 10,000 thoughts, my thoughts, my movements, this idea, this attitude right now is all there is– I don’t get a do over, there are no do overs- because I can never DO OVER what I have thought or said, or meant, I can only live where I am.  And in this moment, this moment as I am, AS IT IS, I grow attentive, very aware of my flesh and bone, bones to earth, heart to sky.  No manufacturing- no quest to be perfect, no temper tantrums to get my way– I am already getting my way.

When we are living here and now, when we are accepting what is, JUST THIS, then every thought and every gesture is a prayer.— Lee Lozowick

Every gesture a prayer– I feel that words create sacred sanctuary even if they are spoken with your outside voice inside your own head– this only works if I don’t use my sacred words to make everyday miserable thinking about how i fucked up yesterday– this works only if I let go of what I did wrong and learn today that I am better– more attentive, more aware.

I find that this life, this manufacturing of myself to make other people feel OK is done to keep things moving at a relatively safe pace.  But keeping other people happy robs me of my AS IT IS…… my voice gets lost among the anticipation of others– I lose AS IT IS and begin to fall into habit, sleeping mind, and I lose my embodied wisdom.

Deep in the wintery parts of our minds, we know that there is no such thing as Work free transformation.  We know we will have to burn to the ground in one way or another, and sit in the ashes of who we once thought we were and go from there.  — Clarisa Pinkola

To live AS IT IS to me is to sit in the ashes of who I once thought I was, and begin to peel the layers of myself away that I manufactured to life AS EVERYONE EXPECTS– and that does not work for me– my Teacher has cleared the path, has removed the obstacles and all I have to do is remember to live AS IT IS.

Where no there are no obstacles, no resistance remains.


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